Aged 12 – 14

Starting to prepare for the move to adult healthcare early will help you transition smoothly.

At this age it is important for you to start to learn about your spinal cord injury/disorder, any other health conditions you may have, your medications and allergies. You can begin to learn more about spinal cord injuries by visiting this page.

But spinal cord injuries are like fingerprints, each one is unique so speak to your doctor, other healthcare professionals, as well as your parents or caregivers about your spinal cord injury. It may be helpful to take notes and collect this information for you to look back on at another time. You can use this medical summary template and schedule of health appointments to support you.

Feel nervous talking to doctors or other health professionals? That is totally normal.

Feeling comfortable and confident talking to doctors is a skill that takes practice. Here are some tips on talking to healthcare professionals and a list of questions about the transition that you might want to ask: