Aged 16 – 17

Have you been following the transition stages? If your child is able to make a health appointment for themselves, see a health professional alone, ask any questions they may have, and refill medications they may be ready to transition into the adult healthcare system. With your child, complete the four steps below to make sure you and your child are fully prepared for the transition.

If your child is still learning that is ok – support your child to review the resources from the earlier transition stages and continue to discuss any questions or concerns you have with your child’s healthcare team.

At this stage you and your child may be ready to start planning for your move. Here is how you can start to get prepared:

Take the transition readiness quiz with your child. Did they select the same responses as you? Discuss the results together.

Remember to continue updating your child’s medical summary so that all their important information is ready for their new adult healthcare team. You can also keep track of all their health appointments using the schedule of health appointments document. If you haven’t yet started your personal medical summary or schedule of health appointments you can find them both below.

Your child may be experiencing many other normal developmental changes and challenges at this time. Click below to find out where to go to get more information and advice on:

Education and work
Relationships, sexuality and intimacy
Mental health and well-being