Aged 14 – 16

If your child has only recently acquired their injury take a look back at the previous stage and review the tools and tips to start preparing for your transition. You can then return here to continue with your preparations.

If you child has had their injury for a few years you may both be starting to understand more about spinal cord injury and how it effects the body. Keep talking with your child about their injury and their body’s response to the injury.

During the last transition preparation stage you and your child started to collate a personal medical summary. Continue to review and gather information on your child’s injury and add it to the medical summary and schedule of health appointments. If you haven’t yet started you can find them both below. Remember you can ask a member of your child’s healthcare team to help you with this process.

As your child gets older they may want to start taking on more responsibility for their health care. Talk to your child about how they can be more independent, perhaps a goal for this stage would be for your child to practice making a doctor's appointment or to order a prescription refill. Use this goal planning sheet to help you and your child create small steps to work towards to achieve your transition goals.

Your child may want to start seeing the doctor or other health professionals alone for part of their visit. This is wonderful – your child is gaining confidence and taking the lead in their healthcare but as a parent/caregiver it can feel daunting giving up control. Take a look at your child’s rights and confidentiality and discuss it with your child.