Aged 14 – 16

If you have had your injury for a few years, you may be starting to understand more about your spinal cord injury, health and how it affects your body. You may also start to notice that your body and response to your injury changes over time. If you haven’t already started a medical summary or schedule of health appointments as part of the last transition preparation stage you can start now. Remember you can ask a member of your healthcare team to help you with this process.

As you get older you may want to take on more responsibility for your health care. Talk to your parents or caregivers about how you can be more independent, perhaps a goal for this stage would be to practice making a doctor’s appointment and ordering prescription refills. Use this goal planning sheet to help you create small steps you can work towards to achieve your transition goals.

You may also want to see the doctor alone for part of the doctors visit to help gain independence in managing your health and health care. This will also give you an opportunity to discuss any issues or personal topics in a confidential and private environment. Find out more about your rights and confidentiality here:

If you have only recently acquired your injury review these top tips from the previous stage.